Monday, February 9, 2009

The "joggle stick"

A joggle stick is an 18th century device supposedly invented by British shipwrights for making templates for bulkheads.
The joggle stick is basically a piece of wood with notches or other features that one can make a traceable pattern from. In my stick i numbered the notches so i wouldn't confuse any similar size notch.

The stick is laid onto a piece of scrap panel, wood or plywood in the same plane as the final template or bulkhead or what have you.The sticks end is pointed to the edges, corners or changes in curvature. at each point you trace around the stick on your pattern maker.The pattern template is then placed next to a piece of wood that will make the final piece. The joggle stick is then placed onto each tracing carefully and the end point marked unto the wood. I circled the end points in the picture

All the dots are then connected, cut, and then fitted to the area. In this case my cockpit seat area. once that one was checked for fit, another one was made for the opposite side using the new pattern as a template. Both are then glued and screwed into place.

While I was making the cockpit sides, I also made and placed the support for the rear seat against the transom.

All on an evenings work. Over the next days I will be making the seat area and flooring

Time: 3 hrs

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  1. Thanks for explaining the Joggle Stick method. I am sure to use it.