Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Forward plank. First test

I planed down the edge profile of the stem to line up with the first plank. A straight edge was used as a guide. This is going to be one twisted plank. I have seen how this looks in other blogs so I have an idea if I run off course.
I'm trying the template method for making my planks. The first being the hardest will certainly be a test for this method.
I cut a strip of cheap panel board into a 8ft length about 5" wide. about every 8" I draw a line perpendicular to its length. the panel is then attached to the middle area of the final plank location.
I project these lines out to the midpoint of the stringer above and to the edge of the plywood floor below. I use a set of calipers set at a length that will reach at least the edge of the panel and the furthest point, whether it be the mid point stringer or the floor edge below. At each line on the panel I mark the point where the dividers hit the panel.
Once all the points are located the panel is removed and placed on the plank plywood.
Lines are projected outward and the points placed on the new plank using the panel points to determine location.

Nails are tacked in place at these determined points and a batten is run along these points. it's kept in place with more nails tacked in place.The batten is actually the batten shipped to me with my sails. It was easier and safer to ship the batten in one length coiled up. To be cut to length for the sails later. My good fortune. It makes a great curve template. Once the lines were scribed on the new plank it was cut to size. I placed it on the boat frame to check and see how it worked.

It was left oversize on the front and lower front edge just incase. I need to make some small adjustments but it worked well I think. It is the first and the worst plank of the whole build. I think if I get past this first row of planking the rest will go pretty smoothly. Enough for one evenings work, I'll quite while i'm ahead.

Time: 2 hrs


  1. Paul & I (Idle Fiddler) have been watching your progress with great interest. We congratulate you on the quality of the build AND the speed! We're convinced you have an army of secret helpers just out of photo!!! Regards. Alan C

  2. Alan, thats quite a compliment from you guys. I seen your boat And only hope I can achieve the quality you have. Secret helpers... I only wish! It's been A totally solo affair, and the rare occasion someone helps, their in the shot. I have been without a boat for over a year now, So like an addict I NEED MY FIX! I have promised friends that it would be in the water by mid July... Cross my fingers.