Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cruise control

With all the work accomplished in that day earlier the week, I figured I would take a break Saturday afternoon. The morning session consisted of cutting and fitting my anchor well floor panel. And the divider at the rear seat area. This will separate the fuel tank compartment from a small wet locker for misc rope, and perhaps a small spare anchor. I added some vent holes at the top so mold wouldn't collect in that locker. The cockpit drain runs into/ through this locker so it has to have drains at bottom.

People like to make comments on my lil project. Graffiti is no stranger to my shop.

I can picture it now... When the planking is done I figure I have a week of sanding and cleaning up of the insides of the boat to accept the several coats of epoxy. even though I know its rough finish and will be cleaned up later, I don't like leaving the jobs looking ratty, the pictures that show the epoxy saturated wood makes it all seem patchy. Though looking at other blogs I know what their at and that its all work in progress... I'm sometimes my own worse critic.

Time: 2 hr

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