Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The economy is in a tail spin, Obama is the new President of the USA, and my country is on autopilot. I shake my head at our apathy towards politics. I could go on a terrific rant about the whole situation, but there's enough people doing that right now, plenty of ammo for their diatribes.
I see boats for sale at terrific bargins, it's too bad. Theres little money for people to buy them. But it's something that will be repeated over and over. People buying boats too big for their pocket book. I could buy a 24ft cruiser sailboat right now for the same price as my current project, but it would need to be stored at a fee, berth fees, club fees, and so on. Beyond my comfort zone. And lord help me if I lost my job, I certainly wouldn't have the cash to move it, so it would go for sale, and I'd loose money.
But enough complaining. It's not that kind of blog. I have yet to finish my own boat. It's been good so far. And at each finish phase, it gets more interesting. With work on the cockpit, seating, flooring, each evening theres visible progress being made. I'm still planning out how the rear seat will be arranged. My motor is mounted outside the hull so a fuel line and tank will be needed inside the cockpit. the middle compartment next to the transom will hold the tank. I've made a cardboard model of it to see how it will fit in that area. The tank is only 2.5 gal. so it's aprox. 9"x10"x14". Still A tight fit.
To either side of the tank will be bulkheads with large openings. Ground tackle will be stored here. Spare anchor, rode, rope, lots of rope.
I have an idea for making a rack in one of the storage compartments for disposable propane cylinders. that will keep them from rolling around on rough days and when on the road trailer. It's just an idea right now, but time will tell. Most of my ideas are from pictures seen in magazines or online. The online pictures are in directories so I can view them and see if any ideas suit what i'm building.

Note: Billco. The full intention is to be sailing by mid July. So I'm keeping track of progress to see that I make that a reality. Tell Will to have Gravol in hand for July sailing.


  1. I think you should attach some form of a harpoon/canon to this boat.

  2. I'm not sure my hull would handle the kickback of a 5 pounder loaded with grape shot, but a well mounted harpoon would certainly pierce the hulls of those Nuisance Sea-Doo's. Something to consider.

  3. I like Max's Idea, considering that in these upcoming, hard economic times, one might see more "Arrgh" pirates out in them waters of Conception Bay! If your hull can't take a 5 pounder, can it atleast hold a Spudgun? The hull should hold a 5 lbs. bag of geniune Perry Burton home grown potatoes!