Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stem girder installation

The stem girder was cleaned up a bit to match the profile of the hull bottom. The belt sander makes quick work of small humps and bumps in my imperfect jig saw cuts. I made a dry fit to get a suitable location for the temporary braces that will support the stem until the planks go on. The girder was fared to butt against the front of the centerboard case. 20 x 20mm supports were screwed and glued in place and the girder pushed into place. Then a few screws were added to hold it until the glue set.
The center case is incomplete because I was late in ordering my parts for the pivot pin assembly. So I won't be able to assemble the bulkheads that connect to it until that's finished.
The stem was lined up to be perfectly vertical using a 4ft framing level and a plumb bob and line. Once the final position was found it was braced on both sides to my house floor joist.

Time: 3 hrs ( a pretty low work intensity with coffee and chatting)

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