Monday, January 5, 2009

Jig lifts and hull bottom

The lifts installed on the jig are made of pine, to allow the screws to sink in easily. All were checked for correct height and "levelness".
The hull bottom was temporarily placed on the jig to mark where the lifts would be cut to allow for more access to bottom near the chine.
The slope was more gradual than it looked. the 1/2" plywood almost laid right into place with only the slightest down pressure in one spot to screw to the jig.
Once fastened in place and checked again, the bottom chines were ripped from clear pine stock. Where it had to go I knew would be a challenge. To be bent on it's flat and fastened to the bottom would probably be the toughest task to date. Luckily My father in-law was in town and more than willing to help. He worked (forced) the chine into place while I glued and screwed it into position. The pine was very dry and moaned under the strain, but it all went into place.

Time: 4 hrs

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