Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holding pattern

With the success of the top stringers, I moved quickly to get the other green stringers in place so as they dry they will take at least some of the boats shape. I tied them in place with simple twine. (By the way, use gloves, that stuff can cut through the skin easily)They placed easily, where they were on the soak for nearly a week. They are quite flexable now.
If it looks cramped.. it is. but the space around the sides and front is about 2 ft on one side and about 4 ft on the other.
While these temporary stringers dry out, i'll do some other things. i got a rudder to work on and some floor mounts to install etc.

Time: 2 hr


  1. Perry - Amazing work. The boat is really coming together. You are truely a wizard!

    Keep the job going. Will and I are getting excited about going for a sail this summer!!

    Bilco out

  2. Yes... I'm a level 12 illusionist :)
    I'm so powerful I can even fool you over 3000 km away :)

    Tell will to bring his barf bag, cause were not going ashore for anybody.