Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frame 6 and 6A installation

Frame 6 (forward) and frame 6a (aft) were installed today. 6a is reclined 8 degrees from plumb. My level has an adjustable bubble for achieving such angles. Finally a use for that part of the level. There's been no surprises yet in installing these frames. The bottom chine is approximately where it shows on the plan and the frames fit as they should. I check every once in a while for the levelness of the hull bottom. It's not like I can do much now that the frames are on, just a nervous tick I guess. Yes it's still level. This is not the only thing I did today however, I did sand the transom, rudder, rudder case, and centerboard. All but the centerboard got a coat of epoxy and will get another in a couple of hours. That will be the last coats on those before a light sanding and a lick of paint.

I ordered a rabbet plane today. however it's on back order and won't be in until March. Looks like I might need to use my chisel for the gains at the front of the boat. And thats weeks away.

Time: 4 hrs

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