Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Stringer installation

I set to install the first top stringer this evening. The boat build has been a cake walk up to this point. Now I need to shape, bend, and force things into place. Sometimes I put a bit to much force behind things. So I have to take my time and be a little gentler than i'm used too.
I only cut this stringer last evening, so it's fairly green and straight.
I placed the port side stringer to make the curve for installing tomorrow. I used bungee cords to hold my stringer in place until I get to clamping and gluing. once set in place, some areas I clamped just to make sure until the glue sets.The Bungee cords worked out very well. Great for when your short handed.
Whats that on the floor? That's the stringers I ripped out during Christmas break. They got a bit too dry in the past weeks so i soaked them down and covered them with wet rags. I'll place them on the boat and keep them there until I'm ready to screw and glue them in place. By then the moisture content will be down. (and the epoxy will stick better)

Starboard top stringer installed. It was a bit of work, my biggest fear was the pressure put on the screws in that 1/2" plywood, on its end. But that's where the clamps come in. I also put a generous fillet of epoxy glue on each side of the joint. Once set, that's not going anywhere.
But it went in with no serious mishap. So all is done. 7 more to go.

Time: 2 hrs

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