Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Centerboard pivot pin arrangement

With the ore lock sockets now here, I got straight to work setting up the centerboard and case for these. I line drilled the centerboard and both sides of the case.
I then roughly notched the centerboard to make the sockets flush.

With both made flush with the centerboard on either side, I need to grind just a little to both sockets end pipes to have both meet. So the bronze passes right through the centerboard. I ran this 1/2" steel bolt through as a check.

Next was the case. The same was done for the case. This time I used a thick enough doubler so that when the socket was made flush, the other end would be flush with the inside of the centerboard case. I assembled the whole thing and ran the centerboard through it's motions. Since on the inside ther will be metal on metal, I might put a washer spacer to keep the centerboard from rubbing on the case a bit. An idea perhaps.

It's rough right now, but now thats it looks like it will work, I'll clean it up, coat in epoxy and tap the outer hole in the case sockets. Upon final installation i'll give a liberal coat of 3M 5200 adhesive compound to seal it all up.

Time: 3 hrs


  1. Looking good! Did you find a source for marine ply on the Island?


  2. Thanks Jim.
    No I didn't find a source. Not worth buying anyway.
    I found some poor quality 1/4" marine. but to buy anything else i'd need to buy a pallet full.. I don't have that kind of $$$$. So I purchased exterior grade ply, and selected the best from the lot. I also did boil tests etc, to make sure it would hold together.