Friday, December 19, 2008


Merry Christmas to me!
My Sails order arrived toady. No waiting for Christmas morning, they had to be checked to see if they were made to spec of course. I never handled new sails before. Being new and made from 5.5 oz sailcloth they are very stiff and firm. The grommets are tight and reinforcements are well made. I'll spread them out when the spring comes and I have space to do it. Sails tend to appear much larger when unfolded in your lifing room.

These sails were ordered through the fine folk at "Duckworks" in Texas. Chuck and Sandra have been very helpful and curtious in my dealings with them. I ordered these on the 15th of October if my memory serves me correctly. At the time of order the wait time was 90 days.
(As a side note, if I don't finish this boat now, my wife will surely murder me in my sleep for ordering useless $1200 sails)

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