Friday, December 5, 2008

Progress to date

So far I have completed the following items as far as I dare before the building Jig is set up;
Frames 1 thru 6a, (100% constructed and jig ready)
Transom (99% and jig ready)
Stem girder (95% and jig ready)
Centerboard (90% needs fiberglass cloth and pivot hole)
Centerboard case (90%, needs fiberglass cloth/paint inside and pivot mount)
Rudder case (95%, needs coat of epoxy and paint)
Rudder Blade (99%, needs coat of epoxy and varnish)

Items under construction or yet to be done;
Mast parts cut and scarfed to length. A jig is to be set up for mast assembly.
Boom section.
Gaff section

(I have a little problem with my picture loading, I'll get that fixed in next day or so)

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