Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gaff set up

I spent the past couple of evenings figuring out how to easily build an jig for assembling the mast, boom, and gaff. Since I have a pile of scrap 1" thick MDF, I figured that would make some nice jigs. Instead of making 3 separate jigs I made all 3 slots about one piece. So that way once one was set up straight all of them would be. Save some time possibly? or am I delusional.
Once the 3 jigs were aligned I dry fit the gaff. It's the smallest piece and the most manageable in the jig. Plus if things go wrong the loss won't be as great. I ran a line tightly down the length to make sure there was no sag or lift.

Next was the inserts. Since it's hollow and there is to be fittings bolted/screwed to it. I need reinforcement in these areas, and ends. I made one long shape in my table saw to fit the inside hexagon hole. It was then cut to lengths for the areas to be reinforced. The pieces were cut under size to allow space for glue and allow for the whole assembly to be clamped tight.
All the gear was taken out and laid aside for the gluing and clamping. Wax paper was used in the jig to keep the gaff separated from it.
I mixed 2 pots of glue and laid glue on the notch section of each plank. one by one all placed. Half way through the inserts were bathed in glue and placed. Then the final 3 pieces making the final shape were placed. I used tie-wraps to tighten the assembly and clamp it in place.
Time total: 3 hrs

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