Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rudder Case part 1

With the centerboard ready for it's lead slug. I moved onto building the rudder case. Using my template I cut the side pieces with the jig saw some days ago. I then sanded and gave the inside a coat of epoxy. They are only rough cut to approximate shape. (the final shaping will come after packers are glued in place) For the middle packers I needed to make them from two pieces of wood. The Maple I have is not wide enough to make in one piece. With a lot of sawing and belt sander work I managed to get the basic shape before I quit for the night.
When I glue the packers to one side of the case I'll sand them all flush before I glue the opposite face in place. I continue to check to make sure the rudder blade will fit loosely into the case.
Time: 2 hrs

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