Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I managed to get down to the workshop for a short while this evening. The centerboard is the next big carving project. A great deal of wood has to be removed, and half of it is rock hard maple.
I cut off the over size and squared the end where I will scribe the profile. The profile in the drawing is larger than the centerboard cross section so I will adjust it some. It tapers to a narrower cross section at the bottom anyway so no big deal. I scribed my center lines and where the centerboard profile stops. The centerboard was clamped to the table and I began what will likely be several evenings of shaping with the planer, grinder, and sanders. But I'm in no rush. If it turns out half as good as the rudder blade I'll be happy.
With winter quickly approaching and already one day of slick roads, I went to my local garage to get my winter tires installed. What does that have to do with my boat? This!About 60 lbs of lead wheel weights that will be melted down with my other small batch of lead for the centerboard counterweight. Its my little contribution to recycling/reusing. $10 for this and I can go back for another pail.
Time: 1 hr

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