Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Centerboard part 3

Over the weekend I only managed to steal away for an hour or so. In that time I carved out the notch area for the lifting tackle on the centerboard.
My router was mounted in the router table and set up for the birds mouth mast construction. So I didn't want to mess up my settings for saving a few minutes. So I grabbed my chisel and started carving. The pine made it look easy.

Once both sides were cut I prepared for the next step.... cutting a large hole right in the middle of my work of art centerboard (to me anyhow) Before I chickened out I picked up the drill and bored 4 holes to mark the corners of the hole. Then cut the block out with the jig saw. I'll later coat the sides in epoxy to seal it up some.

The pouring of the lead slug will be this weekend. I'll try out my camp stove for melting the lead in 2 stainless pots I "acquired" Lead melts at a pretty low temperature so I think it will work. All my safety gear is in place as well. The only thing I need is a pair of welders mitts, and I'll borrow them for this weekend.

Time: 2 hrs


  1. Looking good Perry. I wish I was there to give you a hand or just watch the progress... But that is why you are doing a blog about it. Looks real nice so far...

  2. Thanks Ryan. Yeah you should be here, It's a fun project. Actually it's been less frustrating than building and painting all those miniatures I did a couple of years ago.