Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Centerboard 2

The centerboard got more shaping today. A heavy grit disk grinder, belt sander and palm sander did all this work. I flipped the centerboard over many times to ensure the profile was the same on both sides. The profile was finished shaped before I cut the curve at the bottom. I then scribed a line 2" from the edge. This was the end of the rounded part near the leading edge.I again used the grinder and belt sander to rough the general shape and finish off general shaping with 40 grit on the palm sander.I checked and rechecked with my template across the centerboard and a straight edge down the length. Finding small high spots etc. All these were rough sanded then fine sanded.

Once I was satisfied with the shape, I marked out the cutout for the lead insert. I applied a first coat of epoxy on one side. Once the epoxy sets, I'll turn it over and coat the other side.This will soak in and allow for good adhesion of the fiberglass cloth/epoxy later on.

I'm pleased with the results of the boards shape. The maple is hard and heavy and once covered in epoxy really looked nice. Too bad it will get several layers of fiberglass cloth and paint once complete. The pivot hole will be drilled when the centerboard case is ready. The notch where the lifting lug is attached is yet to be cut as well.

Time: 4 hrs

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