Friday, October 10, 2008

The mess that is my workshop

I see pictures of clean workshops and wonder "Do the owners actually use them?"
I use mine a great deal. But space is limited and some is dedicated to storing stuff that has nothing to do with my projects. Car racks, coils of house wiring, gardening tools, used motor oil, my 250 gallon home heating oil tank, car ramps, gas powered weed whacker, cross country skis, old doors, pine siding, scaffolding, and oh yeah a 16ft cedar strip canoe up in the ceiling. This is aside from my tools and storage units. In that try to fit a 17'-4" sailboat. My god what am I thinking!

I'll need to make some serious effort soon to clean up the mess and clear out my "boat shop".I'll need all the space i can get when I scarf and splice the keel, and set up the building frame. Tonight though i'm setting up my new drill press. I've held off getting one for years but I see too many areas where it can help. An early Christmas gift i've been told. Thanks mom. :)

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