Friday, October 24, 2008

Transom Experiment again

I wasn't about to give up on figuring out how to epoxy over stained wood. I applied some water based stain on a scrap piece of wood (AGAIN!) and applied after drying, epoxy solvent to one side and leaving the other alone.The color on the left I liked better than first attempt at the transom. I then applied the epoxy. The results were pretty good. the untreated side was a little uneven but it passed the test in my view. Next TRANSOM EXPERIMENT No.2

The Transom got the stain applied. Solvent washed. Then coated in epoxy with a foam roller.I think that will do the trick. The first coat is on. Now that it has a coat of epoxy I'll leave it alone and concentrate on the other parts of the boat. My intention was to protect the wood from any marks that might ruin it. Mission accomplished!

Time: 1 hr

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