Friday, September 19, 2008


I've read from the posts of many other builders that it's a good idea to have all necessary components, tools, etc, at hand before you mix your epoxy. Epoxy once mixed is a train with no brakes. So I wisely heeded their advice. And I add to that advice by saying, "Have more components to put together than you "think" you mixed epoxy for". I don't like to waste that terribly expensive epoxy. So I laid out many parts that needed gluing, got my charged cordless driver, screws, all set to use. Then mixed the epoxy. It worked well. I'm new to the epoxy mixing so am just getting a hint of how much surface area a given amount covers. I'd much rather run out of glue than parts.
Amen for disposable gloves. I get a little on them but they get tossed at the end of the gluing session anyhow. Besides, I run my finger over the joints to fair off or fillet any excess epoxy that squeezes out. It looks a little tidier if nothing else.
On another note, I should start posting at the end of each session or blog post, a "Time taken" to complete this particular step.
to catch up, i'll say it has taken '10' hours to get to this point, from first layout of template to what you see. I could only account for 8 but threw in 2 in case i forgot an evening. This is not head down work either. Some time is spent drinking coffee and just sizing up things. It's my project so I can go as fast or slow as I please.

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