Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Epoxy

I have used polyester resins a great deal in the past. from Camper and boat repairs to kayaks building using forms. The stuff has a powerful smell to it. Not to mention its toxic properties. It would permeate everything I wore and could even could be smelled on my breath.

It is my first time using Epoxy Resin. I'm using Interlux resin. I was first surprised by its lack of smell. It has an odor but only to that of say fresh wood or a latex paint. It is clear, both the resin and hardner so its difficult to tell if you have stirred enough. On that note I stirred vigorously for about a minute before adding my glue powder. Interlux has a mixing ratio of 4:1 and its says to be accurate. I carefully poured my 4 oz of resin in and my 1 oz of hardener. If it doesn't set the way I measured I'm in big trouble.
I managed to glue most of the first two frames together with my first two batches of epoxy.
I took a bit of a short cut by printing off my computer layout of the frames. That way I lay out my cut parts right on the print and glue/screw in place.
It's just on the floor here after i used it so it's a bit messy. But you get the point of the exercise.

Time: 1 hr.

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