Wednesday, July 23, 2008

construction stuff

Just a little update. I picked up and stashed away 1 gallon of Interlux 9000 epoxy with a quart of hardener. Filler and Glue powder as well. I just received my shipment of chip brushes, cups and squeegees from Duckworks. I have been busy vacationing and working so no progress in construction. I'm not due to start until September anyhow.
I did discover that I can completly tear out and replace and entire bathroom in only 4 days, including plaster drying time.

Yup, right to the studs not an item remaining to recognize it as a bathroom. Yeah we found an arm while in demolition phase. New sub floor, insulation, vapor barrier. One new one piece fiberglass tub/shower unit that had to be brought through a large hole I made in the dining room wall. completly new plumbing from the floor up. I cut the old piping off just above the floor for the new. All the new plumbing had isolation valves and stainless braid hose for ease of maintenance. New linen closet, vanity, taps, shower tap set. Wired in a new ceiling fan. New lights. All new gyproc walls and ceiling, plastered and sanded. I installed new flooring as well. I had just enough time before I left to get a lick of primer on it and try out the place. Yeah it was hard. And hot! 31 deg C in the shade. Thats hot for me.
(It's the in-laws house not mine) I never got a shot of it when it was completly finished. so use your imagination here.

I did manage to borrow my fathers router table for the boat project. I picked up a 1/8" rounding bit as well.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

first parts set

I cut most of the frame parts using only a jig saw and once used the skill saw for the long bottom frame members. I still have to cut holes in some of the members and finish up the rough edges on all the frame pieces. You can see one of the card stock templates I used in making my frames.

Time: 8 hr.