Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wood sourcing

Sourcing wood for this all important project has been a "source" of some frustration.
I have access to all sizes of plywood locally. But to find good quality plywood is another thing entirely. 3/8" plywood around here is good one side, but for frames I want both sides. however 1/2" plywood is common in many grades and types. There's a small chance I might make the frames with 1/2" thick instead of 3/8". No decision made yet though, A little time left.
The other woods for framing, stringers etc, is not an issue. The mast, boom and gaff will be made of either local old growth spruce or juniper.
This is the lake I grew up on. Overall it's over 8km long. The other side of the lake is where I will cut the one or two trees needed for the boat. (yes permit in hand) It's in a very sparsely populated region and no clear cutting since the early 80's.

I was speaking to my brother who lives in the area and when I go on holidays in a month we will spend an afternoon in the woods looking for that special tree. I'm getting it cut to approximate size at a local mill. There are still some good saw mills around, you just have to look a bit and ask the locals where they get their special lumber cut.

I promise, before September there will be a picture of a frame part on this blog. Now I'm in trouble.

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