Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

This being Fathers Day, I figured it would be appropriate for me to salute my dad and my grandfather. Both who have greatly influenced my love of building things, particularly boats.
My dad has built many wooden and fiberglass boats. Growing up there was often A boat project in progress in the shed. He built my first boat. I helped. He showed me how to use the tools that are important to boat building. the spokeshave, plane, caulking iron, and how to curl boat nails when planking. I used to hold the iron maul while he pounded in the nails. I remember no less than 5 wooden boats he built for me and my brothers as well as himself. then there were the boats for other people. Friends and such. Now he has a 21ft fiberglass boat he built himself. Complete with cabin & electronics.
My grandfather, now 89 still builds boats. I couldn't count how many he's built. He's always been a source of encouragement in my little projects I built as a kid. He's built sailing boats, trap skiffs, power boats both large and small. he built this Glen-L Stiletto only a couple of years ago when he was 87. He gave it to my brother after his engine gave out. He didn't want to let the boat sit and go to waste.

He's been building something all his life. whether its church steeples, boats or grave markers for the historical cemetery in his home town.

I have learned much from these two men, and continue to do so. Thanks so much.


  1. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    Perry - Great tribute my friend. So gladthat you are 'building your dream'. Keep it up brother, and I will be home in July to take a look, nad lend a hand if need be!!


  2. It's a work in progress. With summer here, progress is slow. But it will pick up in the fall.