Friday, June 13, 2008

Dock yachting

I try sometimes. To understand how people can own a perfectly functional sailboat, yet not sail. If your intention is to "Dock yacht" why not simply buy a power boat which is much bigger space wise, and have a cabin on the water. Better yet, a house boat. Coming home from work each day and in my regular trips, I pass by no less than 4 marinas. With a combined count of over 200 sailboats. And the most I have seen on the water at one time is 10. Many days there's none at all, and on weekends as well. It breaks my heart. It just makes the myth a little closer to reality that people own boats merely to have a cabin on the water, as a status symbol. It reminds me of a humorous list about what sort of sailor people are based on their footwear, clothing and dialect. For those who know of the list, I fall into the rubber boot sort of sailor, bordering on old sneaker.

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