Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arts and crafts

Now I have printed the patterns full size. I put some dimensional checks just to make sure that all the frames were correct and to Johns plans. I also placed some lines as reference to other members.

I then used a glue stick (arts and crafts) coated the back side of the paper (at the the edge of where the cuts will be) and then glued it to a card stock heavy paper. It's actually a heavy brown paper/cardboard used for underlay for hardwood flooring. About $15Canadian for a 200ft roll. We use it at work all the time for pipe wrap templates for cutting/welding high pressure pipe.
I then carefully cut out all the pieces and lay them flat. All set for placing on the plywood.

I took a moment to nest all the pieces for best use of the plywood. I made a copy as a guide for how I'll organize the paper templates onto the plywood.
All this process is purely for my enjoyment. The whole thing could simply taken from Johns drawing and transferred to plywood directly, or onto a 1/8" MDF panel instead of the cardboard route that I took.
When I place all the parts to be nested, I'll use less than 2 4ft x 8ft sheets for all frames 1-6A. That will be my next post.
I added a friends blog. He lives in the "North West Territories" It will be about his camping exploits in the great white north.

Time: 2 hr

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