Sunday, May 25, 2008


The plans have arrived a couple of days ago. I'm now in the process of laying the patterns out using a CAD program. (it's not necessary really but a good check of dimensions before cutting) I'll then print patterns and cut them on either a mdf board as templates or directly on the plywood. I should get a nice nesting of the frame members. But i am keeping in mind the direction of the grain in some areas. Not much to show for pictures right now. The shop is not cleaned up and Summer is nearly upon me. Finishing house renovation is first on list so not cutting until thats done.
I do need to get a new jigsaw though. I have a small "Skill" jigsaw that i've had for many years and struggles on thicker wood, so it is near the end of its life. I have eyed a 5.5 amp Dewalt jigsaw that i'll pick up soon and get used to. Other than that i have no major plans for tool purchases. I Put together a router table for my dad last week That unit looked nice, but not necessary for me at this point. I should really show a picture of the workshop in it's current state for a "before" shot. it's just big enough for the boat build. Going to be tight, very tight quarters indeed.

I have a heated greenhouse that right now needs a bit of attention. Tomatoes, broccoli, peppers and all manor of other veggies and fruit are in the ground and slowly growing. But i digress.

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