Monday, May 12, 2008

Marina Blues

I had it confirmed a few days ago. The local marina only a stones throw from my house has effectively doubled the Club fee's this year. the "NEW" $500 maintenance fee on top of the $375+ (not including lift,storage etc.) berth fee has enraged many loyal club boat owners, many who are retired and with all things increasing in price this is the last straw. I'm not currently a part of the club (no boat now that i've sold my other sailboat) but I am pretty upset over the whole issue as well. Many say it's their last year at this marina. Some have put their boats up for sale due to ever rising marina costs. It's a pity really. It was a good club. A lot of nice people there who didn't turn up their noses at smaller or older boats.
It makes my decision to build the Pathfinder a little easier. Not having to be concerned about the marina fees and the current upheaval within the club.

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