Monday, May 12, 2008

The coastline

Flat Rock NL. Only a short drive from my house. This picture was taken in the spring 2005, after a winter storm basically moved thousands of tons of rock breakwater from the right side of the wharf to the left side, as well as moving the concrete wharf. The power of nature.

The local bay with the exception of the marina cove itself, is long and completly unprotected from the North Atlantic Ocean. The shores as well, are a series of jagged rocks and cliffs. One does not want to be stranded too close to these. Not to mention sail too close too. the cliffs are high enough to alter the wind direction completly. From an offshore to an onshore breeze in moments. And on a calm day, no wind at all near these cliffs. A challenge for sailer's no doubt.
outside this bay is open ocean, next stop, England. The shore line outside this bay is little better, but there are some rare small coves that lend it's self to careful beaching and mooring. Other than that, its community wharves and breakwaters who lend shelter to boaters.
The Pathfinder will cruise the local bay on nice days, and be trailered to nicer pastures when it suits me. Newfoundland is a big place, and sparsely populated, so there are many beautiful bays and coves to explore. I have seen much of it and theres plenty of places to safely cruise, camp and fish.

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